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OOO “Krasnokamskij RMZ”, 617060, Russia, Perm region,
Krasnokamsk, str. Trubnaya, 4
Metal cutting
Metal cutting is carried out at Italian laser stations which ensure high precision cutting that does not cause metal deformation and does not need additional processing.
Computer controlled
sheet bending presses
The presses allow to reduce the number
of welding joints of the product.
Semi-automatic and
robot welding
This kind of welding ensures perfect quality
of welding, consistently high level of welding joint quality as well as the continuity of the work.
Painting of products
Painting is carried out in a painting chamber by spraying method or with use of powder polymeric paint. It allows to preserve protective and decorative properties within the whole period of operation.

Production of KRMZ Containers is located at a joint Italian and Russian venture in the Perm krai — at “Krasnokamsky RMZ” (Krasnokamsk Machinery and Repair Plant).

“Krasnokamsky RMZ” is equipped with modern Italian equipment, including laser cutting machines, high precision bending presses, robot welding, computer controlled machines. The clients of our company are hundreds of companies Russia-wide.

Advantages of laser cutting

The technology of laser cutting is one of comparatively new methods of materials processing that has got a series of advantages compared to the traditional methods (lathe turning, milling, drilling).

Due to high precision and computer processing of the trajectory laser cutting allows to manufacture parts and raw parts with compound contour.

Laser cutting does not cause material deformation because this method ensures absence of direct contact with the processed surface. After cutting metal does not require any additional processing, it does not have signs of burrs and laps.

Laser cutting is suitable for both pilot and mass production.

This method allows to obtain products of the highest quality at relatively low costs.

Main advantages of our company

  • Low cost of works is ensured by absence of significant burden costs. The company has got a status of a small enterprise (the number of employees is 200 people)
  • Availability of qualified personnel allows to implement development and launching manufacturing of new products.
  • 100 % quality control of incoming spare parts and materials as well as control of production process and run-out production is carried out by the company.